Our pricing is $.15/bdft per day for slabs. $.10/bdft per day for dimensional. This equates to roughly $2/bdft for slabs and $1/bdft for dimensional for 2 weeks of drying time. Drying times vary by species and moisture content. 

Do you have more than 500 bdft to dry? We can work with you on bulk rates to help boost your sawmill business.

We are limited to 12'8"L x 48"W x 53"H for each kiln load, including stickers for each layer.

We have found that 3" thick or less works best in our kiln. 

Tips for prepping your lumber:

Air dry to less than 25% moisture content. This saves time in the kiln and money in your wallet. Typically, we can take 2.5" walnut from 15-20% to 6-8% in 3-4 weeks.


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