The Martin Family

Welcome to Martin Wood Working, where we take great pride in creating beautiful custom table tops that will truly transform any space in your home. As an Air Force veteran and a passionate craftsman, each and every piece I create is infused with dedication and love, ensuring you receive a cherished centerpiece that will last a lifetime.

In addition to our passion for woodworking, we are excited to announce that we now offer kiln-drying, slab flattening, and firewood sales as part of our business. This expansion allows us to enhance our services and cater to more of your needs, ensuring your custom table tops are crafted to perfection.

Woodworking runs in our family's veins, and it all started with my grandfather, a skilled woodworker, who played a significant role in nurturing this love for craftsmanship. Some of my fondest memories are of him teaching my brother and me the art of working with wood, passing on not just the fundamental skills like measuring and crafting, but also the gift of true passion. His boundless enthusiasm for the craft inspired me to establish this shop and share my creations with the world, honoring his legacy while keeping this unique business in the family.

Located humbly in Cranberry Township, PA, our workspace resides in our garage, where we pour love and care into each custom table top, bringing them from our home to yours. These handcrafted creations have a magical ability to add an artistic glow to any space, bringing families together around a beautiful centerpiece.

In my free time, I cherish the company of my beautiful wife, Nikki, and our two children: Brooke and Charli. They are a constant source of joy and inspiration, and their presence fills my heart with warmth and happiness. Nikki has been an incredible pillar of support throughout my woodworking journey, offering her creative input and unwavering love. Her presence helps breathe life into our creations, making them even more special.

Thank you for taking the time to know a bit about us and our craft. With the addition of kiln-drying, slab flattening, and firewood sales, we are more excited than ever to serve you and create custom table tops that will be treasured in your home. From our family to yours, we send our warmest regards and hope that you will adore these pieces as much as we enjoyed creating them for you!