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Double Towel Rack

For Christmas, my brother decided he wanted to make something for our mom. I had him check out Ana White’s website and this is the design he wanted to follow. Only, he wanted to make it a double towel holder and not as tall. This is what we came up with. We also decided to add a dowel rod to the top of the shelving unit to keep and hand towels or wash cloths from dropping through when the top row of towels were pulled out.

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Cowboys and Indians Wine Rack

This was my first attempt at a wine rack. I got an email for Marblewood on sale and picked up a board. This is the result of about 2 hours of work (mostly sanding and finishing) and a trip to Hobby Lobby. 

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Golf Locker

I drew my brother’s name for Christmas this year. He’s an avid golfer so I decided to make him a golf locker. I think it turned out pretty well! Check out these pictures.

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