Audible Books That Helped Us Grow

by Christopher Martin on January 27, 2022

Below are several audible books that I have listened to while either sanding, flattening, or just cutting my grass.

1. Boss Life - Paul Downs -
It was refreshing to hear the story of someone that struggled to find their niche, but once found, hit the ground running. Not everything we do is fun, but you're not alone and not the first to go through something. Listen to Paul describe day to day life and report his earnings through various deals he makes while maintaining a family life at home.


2. The Pumpkin Plan - Mike Michalowicz -
This book gave me inspiration to continue to grow and convinced us to niche down. We have since opened a custom kiln drying service and are expanding to slab flattening at a more efficient level than your traditional hobbyist.


3. Superfans - Pat Flynn -
Kiln drying, sawmilling, wood sales, and flab flattening are all great businesses that require repeat customers. Bringing on new customers is always nice, but there is a lot of education that goes into it. Having superfans to pave the way to onboard new clients is always a great thing to have in this industry.


4. Your Next Five Moves - Patrick Bet-David -
Being an entrepreneur is a chess game; not checkers. You should always be planning your next several moves to stay ahead of the competition and provide beneficial services to your clients. Patrick Bet-David does a fantastic job laying strategies to help you figure out your roadmap for your business model.


5. Rich Dad Poor Dad - Robert Kyosaki -
If you're like me, you had heard of this book, but never read it. I've now listened to this book 3 times and have moved onto his other books to have a better understanding of our finances and where we want to be with our investments. This book will change your views on money, investing, and business in general if you're just starting out. 


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